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Clients' Rights
Any participant, his/her guardian, parent, or representative, or any staff member may file a complaint alleging that a participant's rights have been violated.  A simplified outline of that process is provided below.  The full procedure appears in the Rules and Regulations on Consumers Rights (Chapter 290-4-9) and is available on request.
Step 1
You should file your complaint with the Clients' Rights subcommittee.  Your representative's name is on a poster at the program site.  Complaints may be made on a form provided to you by request, by telephone or in person.
The Clients' Rights subcommittee shall investigate the complaint, resolve it if possible, complete a disposition report and file it with the CQI records as soon as possible, but within seven (7) working days.
Step 2
If the complaint is not resolved by the committee to your satisfaction, the complainant may file a request for review of the complaint by the program director.  The request must be filed within (15) working days after the person filing the request receives a copy of the the disposition report by the Clients' Rights subcommittee.  A CQI person appointed the Program Director will make the review. The review will be completed within (10) working days after the request for review is filed.  Within (5) working days after the conclusion of the review, the reviewer shall submit to the Program Director a written report of the review.  The Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) shall receive a copy of the review.
Step 3
If you are not satisfied with the Program Director's decision, you may file a written request for review by the Regional Executive Director or his designee.  This request must be filed within (10) working days after the complainant receives a copy of the Program Director's decision.
Step 4
If you remain dissatisfied after the Regional Executive Director's decision you may file a written request for review with the director of the division of DBHDD.  This request must be filed no later than (10) working days after the person filing the request receives a copy of the Regional Executive Director's decision.  The Division Executive Director will issue their report within 14 days.  The Division Executive Director's decision shall be final.
*No person shall be subject to any form of discipline or reprisal solely because he/she sought a remedy through or participated in these procedures.

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